Kathy Moraetes Williams     Wayne Harrah
Kathy Moraetes Williams Wayne Harrah

We thought that Ellen, Lee, Brian, and Kit needed a big break from the tremendous job they have done planning our many previous reunions, so we wholeheartedly volunteered to take over in 2004!  We hope this website helps get the word out better and better everyday!

We are always happy when others wish to help out in the planning of our event, as well as the upkeep of contacts, so dont be shy.  
Thanks to many classmates who have been there to let us know of a lot of the local occurences, sadly including our classmate losses.  You can see that collective assistance goes a long way.  So dont hesitate to speak up if you'd like to contribute. We kick some serious ass when we work together thats for sure!
By working together, we will always be able to assure a magnificent event!  
2004, 2009, and now 2014 have been celebrated well.  After some rest, I will be thinking of the next reunion in 2019.  If anyone would like to help, let us know!
Cant tell you how much of a lifesaver Kathy McConnell Neilssen has been in helping me keep track and update everyones info this time.  It gets a bit daunting and overwhelming.  Bob Stewart was responsible for getting our domain name to be ours forever.  We still need to keep the payments made for the website itself though, so keep that in mind.  
Anyone who wishes to contribute to the reunion at any time can do so by sending to either Wayne, myself or donating directly thru this website.  Its secure and has been tested by Wayne himself.  

Signed your WHS Reunion Committee,

Kathy (Moraetes) Williams        co-chair
Wayne Harrah                         co-chair

Bob Stewart                           contributing classmate
Kathy McConnell Neilssen        contributing classmate


All and I mean ALL assistance is welcomed!