Class of 1979
June 22, 2019
30 days left
until our reunion.

#40 COMING SOON!!!!  

Welcome to our class reunion website!  We are very excited about it and hope that we can provide lots of information, yet at the same time create the time warp into 1979 that you expect, deserve and will enjoy!!!!
If you should find any links that are malfunctioning or information that you believe is incorrect or just have a great idea to add to this site, hit the "contact us" page and let us know right away!!

Here we go!!......................

Reunion Quiz
Which teacher used to ride his bike to school on warm days?

Mr. Bates
Mr. Rios
Mr. Armstrong
Mr. Rasmussen
Reunion Poll
Where are you living?

Within our beautiful United States
International resident!
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